Up to 70% off Sterling Silver Jewellery at the Rue B online clearance sale.

Up to 70% off Sterling Silver Jewellery at the Rue B online clearance sale.


This is our end of line clearance sale for our 925 collection of sterling silver. Grab it whilst you can- everything is heavily reduced!

Here are our top bargains….


Aviv Sterling Silver Chunky Layered Heart Necklace, £156.90* (was £210)

A beautiful statement necklace made of sterling silver with a rose gold double heart pendant. The heart pendant rests on a 17″ sterling silver rope chain. This necklace is from the designers at Aviv, an Israeli jewellery company that hand makes every piece, so you are guaranteed a unique item. It is a great favourite with the customers at our York shop.
Please note: we are not able to change the chain on this particular necklace. 

Stunning Black and Clear Crystal Necklace, £79* (was £149)

Delicate, stylish and very glamorous sterling silver Czech crystal necklace. The crystals featured are clear and black and follow all the way around the neckline. The necklace itself is 18 inches in length, with a 1 inch extender.  Reduced by £60, don’t delay as these pieces are our last ones!

Multi-Tone Sterling Silver Heart Necklace, £29.99* (was £69)

With over 50% off, this gold and rose gold sterling silver heart necklace is an absolute bargain. The scratched sterling silver provides an exceptionally unique look. The necklace is 16 inches long and makes an ideal Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day present.
Please note: we are not able to change the chain on this particular necklace.

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**Please note: Chains are NOT included on our clearance pendants**


Sterling Silver Pendant With Semi Precious Stones £33.99* (was £59)

A dazzling sterling silver pendant. It features garnet, citrine, peridot and topaz stones and can easily be dressed up or down.
Does not include chain. 

Sterling Silver Super Sparkly Chubby Loveheart Pendant, £23.90 (was £46)

A gorgeous and incredibly glittery heart design pendant. The heart is covered in dozens of high quality, super sparkly crystals, making it the perfect pendant to dress up even the most ordinary of outfits! With just under 50% off, this is a bargain that can’t be missed!
Does not include chain. 


Sterling Silver Marcasite Daisy Pendant with Pearl Embellishment, £8.90* (was £31*)

A beautiful floral design, perfect for when the sun finally begins to shine again! This pendant is made of blackened, oxidised sterling silver (less susceptible to tarnishing) and is studded with shiny marcasite jewels. The centre contains a gorgeous and unique freshwater pearl.
Does not include chain. 

Sterling Silver Chunky Abstract Swirling Pendant, £19.90* (was £51)

A striking and truly unique design, this sterling silver pendant is significantly reduced to just £19.90. The fluidity of the design insures that the pendant will stand out beautifully against a dark coloured top or dress.
Does not include chain. 

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Sterling Silver Unicorn Stud Earrings, £3.99* (was £7.90)

A whimsical pair of sterling silver earrings. Reduced to just £3.99, they make a brilliant present for those of us who are still children at heart! The unicorn is a magic beast. Not only is it a fearless horse, it’s also a warrior, and a beloved companion.Its horn is said to be a useful weapon that has great healing properties. This creature is known to live in an enchanted forest and tends to be the object of extreme desire.


Sterling Silver and Pearl Round Studs with Semi-Precious Detail, £16.99* (was £28)

Stunning sterling silver pearl earrings. Round freshwater pearl studs featuring blue topaz semi-precious stones, ideal for a subtle yet glamorous look. Pearl shapes may vary slightly.
Also available with Pale Green Peridot Semi-Precious Stones
Also available with Purple Amethyst Semi-Precious Stones.
Also available with Red Garnet Semi-Precious Stones

Sterling Silver Chunky Art Deco Design Drops, £15.99 (was £49)

Gorgeous large statement sterling silver earrings. Although large, these earrings are extremely light and comfortable to wear. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, these earrings hang down but are fixed to the earlobe with a stud fastening.

Sterling Silver Flower Earrings With Freshwater Pearls, £35.90* (was £47)

Ideal for Spring, these drop earrings are sterling silver and have fishhook style backs. The earrings feature large flowers with freshwater pearls as centres. The sterling silver is oxidised and slightly hammered for a vintage inspired look.

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Sterling Silver Clip Heart Bangle, £27.90 (was £57)

A gorgeous and unusual sterling silver bracelet, reduced by almost £30! A subtle yet striking piece, the bracelet unclips around the heart, which makes it perfect for those who struggle with the usual clasps.

Sterling Silver Heart and Circle Link Bracelet, £59.90* (was £90)

A gorgeous handcrafted piece of jewellery. Each link of this beautiful hammered bracelet is 925 sterling silver and the T-bar fastener makes for easy closing and opening of the bracelet. The design has the classic Aviv hammered look and features several geometric shapes along with hearts and a bird at the T-Bar fastener. Aviv is a family run business based in Israel and we’re thrilled to be stock their designs in our York shop and online.

Sterling Silver Scratched Sphere Bracelet, £69* (was £129)

A striking bracelet with dozens of sratched silver ball charms in a row, This looks great worn alone as a statement piece or with a simple pair of pearl studs to compliment the look. Perfect for special occasions, or toned down for everyday wear.

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All of Rue B’s sterling silver jewellery is made from the highest quality 925 silver, and is hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free.

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All our jewellery comes gift-wrapped in tissue and an organza pouch. For further gift-wrapping options, including our boxes, please select from options at checkout.

Simple touches

Simple touches

Costume jewellery ‘can complete a look’
Statement jewellery can be relied upon to complete your look, adding the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

But when choosing you accessories, costume jewellery is a brilliant option, according to Sairey Stemp, fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Ms Stemp argues that you should let it finish or dominate your look, and that it should be “enjoyed and adorned at the same time”.

These could include bold statement pieces or delicate beaded designs, each of which can bring an extra touch of creativity to your seasonal wardrobe.

“Simple touches can really help an outfit,” she said, “or simply you may just want to wear one amazing, stand out piece like a cocktail ring that will dazzle at every turn”.

The Fashion Ring collection from Rue B displays a glittering array of standout designs, such as this Ring which boasts a central ivory rectangle stone surrounded by tiny diamante studs, making it a real focal point

Judging by Appearance

Judging by Appearance

So why do we wear Jewellery! Well there is along historic tradition and desire for both men and women to wear jewellery. We wear it to catch the eye of a potential mate (obviously). Jewellery is also worn to make us feel great about ourselves and can often make us appear more afluent and powerful. It is said that the right piece of jewellery will in fact make us appear more attractive and thus feel even better about ourselves, however, beware as the wrong piece could have the oposite effect!!

Personally, we express ourselves in all kinds of ways and most of us like to be individual. With so many high street shops selling the same kind of clothes one way we can stamp our personality on our style and make us stand out from the crowd  is to chose an individual piece of jewellery. Look no further than Rueb for that special item weather your a vamp or a flower girl, you sure to see something that catches your eye. This may even work in ways you’ve never intended! as Annie Murphy Paul explains.

Judges and juries can be swayed by more than just a pretty face: clothing and jewelry choices can sometimes mean the difference between doing time and dodging jail.

Blindfolded, balancing her scales, Justice issues her subjects a solemn promise: No peeking. Her real life representatives, however, are not always quite so scrupulous. Psychologists have persuasively demonstrated that attractive defendants are perceived as more credible, are acquitted more often, and receive lighter sentences than their less appealing counterparts. But judges and juries can be swayed by more than just a pretty face: the clothing defendants wear, the jewelry they display, the way they style their hair, can sometimes mean the difference between doing time and dodging jail.

The influence of appearance in the courtroom is so great, in fact, that an entire industry has emerged to advise lawyers, plaintiffs, and defendants on their aesthetic choices. Jury consultants, often trained in both psychology and law, counsel their clients on how to speak, when to gesture—and not least, what to wear. “The jury is going to form impressions of you based on subtle characteristics of personality and attitude, and dress is one important element,” says Robert Gordon, a Dallas-based psychologist and jury consultant. “Whether you dress casually or formally, wear a tie or a dress, choose bright or dark colors, all make a difference in terms of how you are perceived.” Although consultants are called in only on high-profile, high-stakes cases, their strategies also apply to more mundane matters—the shoplifting charge, the bankruptcy claim, the speeding ticket.
Annie Murphy Paul

The Psychology of Earring Wearing

The Psychology of Earring Wearing

Why You Wear The Earrings That You Wear

There really is a psychological reason for your wearing the earrings that you wear. Here, we’ll demonstrate this with two types of earrings. Though there are many more types, you should be able to figure it all out yourself after reading this lens. Though not always “politically correct” the psychology involved in why people wear certain types of earrings is honest. So, hey….jump in and find out how crazy you really are!

Perrie Edwards glitters in hoop earrings

Perrie Edwards made sure to stand out on the red carpet this weekend while at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

Along with her Little Mix bandmates, the silver-haired beauty wore a high-necked, geometric blue maxi dress, accessorised with a gold hem and tiny leather waist belt.

She swept her blue-grey locks into a loose up-do, and further complemented her piercing blue eyes with the addition of white gold hoop earrings, which had been adorned with diamante studs, for added sparkle.

Perrie’s bandmates Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock opted for stud earrings, letting their outfits make colourful statements, while Jesy Nelson also chose to don hold hoops to complement her sun-kissed fake tan.

The Hoop Earrings collection is littered with similar sophisticated jewellery, including these gold metal hoops, with clip-back fastenings for added comfort.

This style is so simple, yet extremely eye-catching so what are you waiting for girls?

WHY Certain Personality Types Wear Certain Types of Earrings?

Who’s Wearing Which Earring?
When you choose a pair of earrings for the day, you are going to involve psychology. Yep, in face, psychology is part of your choosing any of your jewelry. However, we’re not interested in any other jewelry for this article but earrings.

With the literally hundreds of thousands of styles, colors and sizes of earrings available in the global markets, there is certainly no problem with earring choices. However, since both men and women wear them, we’re interested in why they wear the types of earring styles they do. We don’t give a hoot about how they buy them or where they buy them (at least not in this article) but we do want to explore what they’re probably thinking when they wear what they wear.

Because there are so many numerous styles of ear adornment out there, we will only look at two styles for this discussion, that being stud earrings and hoop earrings.

Stud Earrings

The stud earring usually consists of a stiff but small circumference wire that is somewhere around a half inch in length. On one end is a decorative area that is larger than the hole in the earlobe and may be decorated in whatever manner the maker or user so determines. On the other end of the stud is found a usually pointed end on which a retaining ring can be placed so that the pole does not slide off of the earlobe (or another body part, if that is where the stud is being worn).

Studs are the most common initial type of earring that women wear when they are beginning their earring wearing days. This is so that the earlobes can become accostumed to the presence and weight of earrings. Decorations of various ear studs will depend upon the user and/or the benefactor should the user be a child.

Affluent stud wearers will often choose a genuine diamond setting or a rare but colorful stone. If the setting is not a diamond, the stone will probably stand out and, in most cases, will match whatever fashions the wearer is donning.

What is it that you think “stud” earrings say to anyone who notices them? Thus, we begin the discusion of earring psychology.

If the stud she’s wearing is small, hardly decorated and not easily seen, she’s just telling you that she has a sense of fashion and style but she has no need to draw a lot of attention to herself. She’s either shy or has no need to feed her ego and is stable and confident.

The reason that a person does not want to seek attention will be different with each personality.
If she’s not in the mood for lots of company or situations where she would be noticed, she may wear the small, colorless ear studs so she’ll be barely perceptible and delivering a message of quiet denial.

Opposingly there’s the lady who is seen everywhere, loves it, is always the center of attention and thrives in her role. It’s rare that you’ll see her wearing bland ear studs. She’ll, most likely be donning larger, more predominant and decorative ear studs that announce that she’s a star and wants to be noticed, especially by other stars and people of means. This gal wants you to tell her how beautiful and great she is, especially if you have some money.

She is very aware of her appearance and maintains it, proudly. She doesn’t demand your attention but she does insist on it. It’s important for her to let everyone know that she’s always desiring the finer things of life and will usually get them as she does not care for the mundane life experiences. She attempts and often is the life of the party.

Men who wear large diamond stud earrings are simply announcing to the world that they have recently become wealthy and are looking for people who may admire them. Their diamond stud is a way of showing the world that they are successful, have plenty of money and are willing to spend it on the right people, places or things. They have a choice now and their egos are in need of being stroked. They are in search of sexual partners who may be impressed with their newfound prosperity and are willing to be pawns or lovers at the whim of the stud.

Should the male be gay, the needs and demonstrations are much the same and for the same purposes but for other gay males rather than available and willing women.

Hoop Earrings

Giant Hoop Earrings

The single reason for hoop earrings is to draw maximum attention to the person wearing them. The only factors that make that attention small or extreme are the size of the hoops and the substances from which the earrings are produced.

Material like precious metals and expensive diamonds in a large hoop earring are simply invitation to tout the wearer with as much ego building attention as possible. Regardless of whether the wearer is romantically or otherwise attached , it does not matter as the attention addiction is the supreme importance in the life of this person. By the way, that gigantic ego that is begging for attention all the time is often found in the company of an equally powerful chip on the shoulder.

No one wears large hoop earrings to announce themselves as an introvert. The message that these earrings so blatantly and loudly announce is that the wearer is seeking attention from one and all so that she can make her own choice of who is suitable for whatever adventure she might have in mind.

Some prefer to merely flirt while others will take it a good deal further however the earrings, while perhaps not all that clear to the viewer, are the initial bait that points to the wearer like a neon sign saying “LOOK AT ME!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

I know I’ve heard people tell me that the ONLY reason that they wear large hoop earrings is because they help to emphasize their factial features, their hair or even their ears.

So, why are they trying to emphasize body parts that are already so beautiful? Don’t they stand out anyway?

A man wearing large hoop earrings probably means that he’s gay but that is not necessarily so.

There are definitely a number of straight men who will don the extra large hoop earrings in order to gain attention, the same reason that women wear them. They will probably draw both male and female attention but that may be their purpose and, it works well.



You can count on one thing for certain. When earrings are worn an observer can attain both a fashion and a psychological profile from the earrings. With few exceptions, the wearer’s personality can often to ascertained by simply viewing their type, style and size of earrings.

We’ve just touched on a few types of earrings here but each type will have it’s own psychological characteristics that can be fairly accurately attached to different personalities. Watch for other things like various earring types, styles, colors, modes, types of decorations and stones insets, as well as the number of earrings worn by the person and how they wear them.