Key Benefits of using Silver Earrings

Key Benefits of using Silver Earrings

Silver jewelry is one of the most popular one among many other jewelries. It has almost the same quality as gold. Silver is chosen by many women for making their earrings not because of its style but because of its other vast number of advantages.


Let us summarize some of the benefits of using silver earrings here.

Benefits of using silver earrings

  • Silver is very durable and has great strength. They last for long duration of time period and do not get damage easily. Thus you can be assured that your favorite earring is going to stay with you for long time and you don’t have to worry about your earring falling off or the clasps getting broken.
  • The use of silver earrings can be traced back to the ancient times because of its many health related benefits. It is found that silver has powerful antimicrobial agents that fight many infections, cold and flu. Thus wearing silver earrings can prevent you from various types of diseases and illness.
  • Silver is one of the shiniest and beautiful metals in look. Jewelries made from silver looks gorgeous and match with the personality of every person who wear them.
  • Silver can be transformed into any kind of shape and size. This is why there are large varieties of silver earrings available in the market. So you can choose the best one for yourself that matches with your look and personality.
  • One other benefit is that silver is very affordable and costs very low, at least in comparison with gold, and also very easily available in jewelry shops. So you can easily buy them from any jewelry shop or repair them if broken.
  • Last but not the least, silver earrings matches with almost every dressing of the people. So you can wear them in occasion, party or simply in your daily life.

Places to buy best quality silver earrings

You can buy silver earrings from any physical jewelry shop but to get the best quality product, you should search online. There are many reliable stores present online who provide quality silver products. One such store to provide quality silver earrings is Rue B Jewellery. You can contact them through their online website They sell various kinds of jewelry products on their website like fashion jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, etc. For more information, check various online articles also.

Make yourself dizzy with Rue B’s spinning ring collection

Make yourself dizzy with Rue B’s spinning ring collection

Rue B’s large collection of sterling silver jewellery features many extraordinary and unusual spinning rings at competitive prices.

Simply put,  a spinning ring is a ring that has inner bands locked in place that can be spun while the rest of the ring stays in one place. Spinning rings are also known as ‘meditation rings’ and ‘worry rings’ as to some the wearing and using of spinning rings significantly relieves tension/anxiety in a stressful environment. Repeatedly playing with the moving part of the ring may help the mind become focused, soothed and calmed!

Fluted Sterling Silver Spinning “Worry” Ring with Brass Centre And Hammered Finish £43.20 (was £54)*

This beautiful and organic hammered sterling silver spinning ring incorporates an entwined brass ring (the moving portion of the ring) with a silver centre. This piece makes a perfect thumb ring.

Currently available in sizes M & N


This spinning sterling silver ring has two spinning bands, one gold, one brass. The multi-tone effect means the piece is incredibly versatile and easy to pair with any other jewellery.

Currently available in sizes K, L, N, O, P, Q & R


This is a stunning chunky hammered sterling silver ring with a spinning brass ring. The spinning portion of the ring has a beautiful leaf design ideal for those in touch with nature.
This is a beautifully simple take on the spinning ring style. The sterling silver ring is a concave band with a subtle hammered finish with two thin sterling silver movable bands.

If you’re after a slightly different style, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous oxidised sterling silver ring. The spinning part of the ring has a central woven pattern. This ring is available in larger sizes and so makes an ideal thumb ring.

Currently available in sizes R, T, X, Z & Z+3

Sterling Silver Patterned “Worry” Ring with Brass Spinning Bands, £41.80* (was £51**)
A personal favourite, this sterling silver ring has a delightful floral pattern with three spinning rings- two brass, one hammered silver.

Rue B’s sterling silver spinning rings are made of the highest quality sterling silver and are all visibly hallmarked. If your size is not available please contact the shop and we will request the size for you. Special orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive and the service is not available during the Christmas period.

All our sterling silver arrives in either a grey or black postal box. For more packaging options please see our website.

Use code R10 at checkout to recieve 10% off your first order.  

*Please note- all prices include standard postage
**Please note- Current prices are sale prices and will return to former price when the sale is over. 

Buy sterling silver rings from online

Buy sterling silver rings from online

Jewellery pulls any outfit together and that’s why, for so many of us, it’s a crucial part of our style. There are increasingly more options on the market for both tradtional and contemporary jewellery, and sources show that sterling silver jewellery is more popular than ever, due in part to it’s timeless look.

For high quality sterling silver, you must buy from a reliable source.



Sterling silver jewellery is relatively easy to find nowadays, but you must make sure you buy sterling silver items that are of high quality- otherwise your jewellery will tarnish quickly or break easily.

For help on how to buy sterling silver from a quality source please read the following effective tips:

  • Buy your sterling silver from a source that has many years’ business experience. Reputable sources supply quality products.
  • Check the quality of the material. Look for a hallmark on the piece (all sterling silver jewellery should have a hallmark). If you cannot find the hallmark ask a member of staff in the shop to locate it for you. They are often hidden away on the inside of rings, on the clasp of a necklace/bracelet and on the underside of earrings.
  • Check the design of the jewellery very carefully. Look for bends in the sterling silver and notice if there are any particularly thin/weak parts.
  • If you are buying online, read customer reviews! You can also check out the shop website for reviews.
  • Check and compare the prices of the jewellery.


High quality sterling silver is available from It is a reputable online source, with over 10 years of exceptional customer service.  They have a huge variety of sterling silver ornaments and all of the pieces are high quality and fashionable. They supply their products at a reasonable price and they offer home delivery to buyers. Many have bought their preferred ornaments from this reliable source and they are very satisfied. So, whenever you decide to buy quality silver jewellery, then you must visit this online source as soon as possible.

What makes the purchase of silver jewellery easier!

What makes the purchase of silver jewellery easier!

Often known as the Queen of the Metals, you will see extensive wearing of sterling silver jewellery throughout history. Sterling silver jewellery is always an appropriate gift for women and with it you can express your care and love. This white metal is hugely popular among the female community and several designed items are available in the market to choose from. Sterling silver jewellery is appropriate for women of any age, no matter the woman’s style.

How to buy silver jewellery

Whilst it is true that all silver pieces are attractive, you should still be careful when purchasing. Never forget to look for the manufacturer’s trademark and certainly the hallmark on the silver items- all silver jewellery should contain a hallmark. These marks indicate the level of quality of the product. The selection of the design will completely depend on your taste. Each piece of silver is unique and if you care for it properly, it can last forever.

Where to buy excellent silver pieces

Those days are gone when buying a single piece of sterling silver jewellery took hours. Although local jewellery stores may have a limited collection it is easier than ever to buy the item online by just pointing-and-clicking.

Online shopping saves money

Price is one of the most important factors to consider while making a purchase and when it comes to investing in sterling silver jewellery you have to invest a lot. As prices are mentioned along with the product, this makes your task of comparison simple.

  • Can experience some exclusive collections

If you search online, you may come across several online jewellery shops and browsing their website you can experience their ample collection. This allows you to pick your preferred one that is exclusive in design and certainly has a unique appeal.

  • Shop at your own pace

Sterling silver may be one of your largest investments and if you feel rushed on the highstreet you may have a dissatisfying experience. Online sources provide the flexibility to select the best piece for you, all in the comfort of your own home. Using this mode of buying you can make your shopping private, in a much more favourable environment away from the outside pressure and certainly without any sense of obligation.

  • Facility of shipping

If you have placed the order even for a single item, this will be delivered at your doorstep. Some online shops offer the facility of free delivery over a certain amount of shipping.

The best place to make your purchase:

If you are eyeing for the best sterling silver jewellery, you need to make your purchase with Rue B. Here you can get a huge range of ever changing items and they try to include that piece which will suit every style. Here, you can find both traditional and contemporary styles. For experiencing the huge collection, you need to visit their website After placing your order you can be sure that high quality sterling silver items are on their way to you!