A Comprehensive Guide to Jewelry Care

A Comprehensive Guide to Jewelry Care

Buying your new favorite jewellery piece comes with some responsibility, especially if you want it to be your favorite jewellery piece and be admired wearing it for a long time to come. To this end it is really important to take care of your jewellery pieces in order to maintain their luster and beauty for a long period.Different jewelry items require different ways of caring for them. A treatment that may bring shine to one stone variety might scratch another variety. Therefore, you must maintain these items in order keep their beauty intact for a longer period.

Here are a few tips that will help guide you how to keep good care of your jewellery.

  • Before going to purchase the jewelry you must decide upon the kind of Danon jewellery you want to buy.It isn’t wise to spend huge amount of money pieces that you won’t ever wear. When choosing the jewelry piece, you must keep in mind the outfits, accessories and clothing that you’ll be wearing with that jewellery.
  • Make sure the necklaces and bracelets you purchase have a durable closure or clasp. Weak clasps hold a risk of lossof the expensive jewelry pieces. The other option is topurchase one or two safety claspsin order to assure safety of the expensive jewelry pieces.
  • Seek out the beautiful displays to decide upon which kind of jewelry you would like to purchase. Lookout for exclusive and creative display materials if you want to get the best value for your money.
  • Nowadays, artificial sapphires and rubies are so well created that it’s really hard to distinguish them from the real ones. Synthetic stones feature physical and chemical makeup which makes them look real and on their counterparts they come in a smaller price range. Thus, you must make sure that the York jewellers you choose to purchase jewellery are both knowledgeable and reliable.
  • Make sure your fashion and costume jewellery is nickel free otherwise it may irritate your skin.
  • Always keep jewellery separated from one another to avoid scratching or tangling.
  • Don’t get costume jewellery we.

Try to avoid silver dip or cleaners they will work but may serve to speed up the oxidizing process in the future.

How to choose the right portal for buying Jewellery?

How to choose the right portal for buying Jewellery?

Artificial Jewellery

Danon pewter jewellery

A piece of jewellery makes all the difference when trying to enhance your look. So in order to get the best value out of your jewellery piece it’s so very important to purchase a quality jewellery piece. Also once you have taken the time and effort to buy the right jewellery item it’s very important to know just how to keep good care of the jewellery piece and those important things to consider when purchasing the item. The brief lists below are aimed at helping you with a few of the most important things to consider.

  • All metal reacts to liquid and so you will want to stay clear of any fluids. When cleaning stay well clear of bleach, ammonia or any other chemical solvents to clean your jewellery items especially when you need to clean your Hand made Danon Jewellery. Using harsh chemicals on a jewelry piece takes away its shine and luster, so if you do make contact with them try and wipe off immediately
  • When buying Sterling silver jewellery UK  don’t forget to bring a magnet piece along with you. It attracts non-precious metals, so you can use it to detect whether the jewelry piece is authentic or fake. Also, make sure to look for the hallmark on the piece. Jewelry with no hallmark is most likely to be fakes.
  • You need to have good knowledge about the gem that seeking to purchase. There’re countless varieties of gems that include lab produced, natural, Synthetic and imitation gems. Lab Grown and synthetic are sometimes indistinguishable from real stones. When buying pearl jewellery you can run the piece along your teeth in order to determine if they are real or synthetic, a real pearl will feel gritty while a synthetic pearl smooth. However, beware that a real and a cultured pearl will look and feel the same but the value differs massively.
  • When buying a present you need to decide upon the kind of jewelry you want to purchase. The easiest way is to check the type and style they already have, but first make sure she likes them, and buy something to compliment her collection and above all check that the gift may be exchanged. – Whether you want a necklace, bracelet, studs or dangly earrings. This will allow you to get a perfect jewelry item for your loved one.
  • If you want to collect costume jewellery, get to know everything about its condition and make sure that it is nickel free. This is particularly important when buying abroad as many pieces are made largely of nicely. Rue B jewellery is nickel free. Buying a number of bargain costume pieces could prove to be quite costly in the end. It is far better to buy a few key pieces of quality costume jewelry piece that are defect free as this will prove out to be a better investment.

Get your new favorite jewelry piece today!

Sterling silver Jewellery from Rue B York.

Sterling silver Jewellery from Rue B York.

Featuring Pure origins organic styles

Summer’s coming and here at Rue B we are thinking about the Birds and the bees and of course the flowers they love. Well at least in sterling silver form from our best selling Pure Origins range

ChainsSterling Silver Chains Silver and Brass Dotty Hearts
Pure Origins: Earrings
Silver and Brass Acorn Pendant
Pure Origins: Pendants
Silver Owl and Heart Stud
Pure Origins: Stud Earrings

We love this delicate silver range and here are some of our favorite sterling silver pieces.

Hammered Silver and Brass Flower Pendant

Hammered Silver and Brass Flower Pendant a lovely floral silver pendant with gorgeous brass detail  in the center

Ornate Silver and Gold Birdcage Pendant: we said the birds and the bees well hers the bird, well the cage in any case

the perfect romantic silver pendent to compliment any summer number. And here’s the bees. A supper chubby bumble bee pendant on a delicate silver box chain.

Sterling Silver Bumblebee Pendant

Sterling Silver Bumblebee Pendant
Sterling Silver Bumblebee Pendant
How to Choose the Best Fashion Jewellery for you?

How to Choose the Best Fashion Jewellery for you?

For centuries jewellery has been used to both enhance the wearer’s appearance and show off one’s status. Indeed, nothing can be as elegant as a right jewelry piece. Quality fashion pieces made using precious metals and gemstones have been a good way to add another lush to an individual’s looks.


The raised demand of magnificent jewelry pieces has lead to the introduction of a wide range of styles of Fashion Jewellery UK  to choose from. From expensive gold and diamonds, bracelets, earrings and necklaces to cheap costume jewelry pieces from companies such as Majique jewellery UK, you can every conceivable shape form and size of jewelry.

Here are a few tips on choosing Fashion Jewellery from Aviv silver complementing your shape and features. Remember it isn’t rocket science just bear in mind your size and shape and aim to complement this with the right piece of jewellery.  


Like clothing the different styles of necklace can work to transform your look. It can even change the viewers’ perception of your height. If you’re short heighted and want to create the perception of being taller than you should consider choosing long neck pieces. Y-shaped or V-shaped Necklace scan make you create an elongated appearance. But make sure to pick necklaces that don’t pass your waist as this will have the reverse effect.

If you’re tall and slender then you have the pick of the bunch, but a great look for you would be large bold statement pieces that really give you that wow factor. The main rule here is proportion, a petite girl should stick to the more elegant pieces of jewellery . Larger ladies should consider staying away from those tiny pieces and aim to go bolder,otherwise the term “pea on a drum” might just spring to mind.


Similarly, earrings, like necklaces, can both work for or against you in your effort to create a stunning and attractive look. This all hinges on your overall face shape and type. Thus, you can choose particular style of earring to bring out the absolute best in your features. When it comes to the different shapes of the face the basic one include-rectangle, heart-shaped, round, square or oval.

For those among us blessed with an oval shaped face, then you are really lucky because you’re able to wear absolutely any look and style. Still, Don’t worry if you have a lovely rounder heart shaped face; simply make the most of it by choosing an earring piece that compliments the fullness of your look,you should opt for long,rectangular or square shaped earrings, that way you are able to create the illusion of a longer more elongated face. Shy away from large round shapes as this will only serve to create a messy broad faced look. The opposite goes for those with long features, you just need to soften your gorgeous face with round, curved or swirled designs.

We hope these little gems help you in your efforts to look gorgeous and we always appreciate your comments.