Simple touches

Simple touches

Costume jewellery ‘can complete a look’
Statement jewellery can be relied upon to complete your look, adding the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

But when choosing you accessories, costume jewellery is a brilliant option, according to Sairey Stemp, fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Ms Stemp argues that you should let it finish or dominate your look, and that it should be “enjoyed and adorned at the same time”.

These could include bold statement pieces or delicate beaded designs, each of which can bring an extra touch of creativity to your seasonal wardrobe.

“Simple touches can really help an outfit,” she said, “or simply you may just want to wear one amazing, stand out piece like a cocktail ring that will dazzle at every turn”.

The Fashion Ring collection from Rue B displays a glittering array of standout designs, such as this Ring which boasts a central ivory rectangle stone surrounded by tiny diamante studs, making it a real focal point

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