The ultimate guide for owning fashion jewellery

The ultimate guide for owning fashion jewellery

Jewellery adds a distinctive charm to beauty, and has been a staple of women’s wardrobes throughout history. Over the centuries the style, material, design and pattern of jewellery has undergone many transformations, but the passion for jewellery remains the same.

In recent years, the demand for fashion jewellery has increased and manufacturers have launched a huge range of items that are fashionable, trendy, and most importantly- very affordable!



What do you mean by fashion jewellery?

Fashion jewellery (often referred to as ‘costume jewellery’) tends to be composed of materials such as white metal alloy, rhodium and silver/gold/bronze plating. Some pieces incorporate acrylic, plastic, glass, crystal and leather.

Although fashion jewellery pieces often cost less than their precious material counterparts, if you buy from a reputable retailer style and quality are not compromised.

Fashion jewellery is a cost effective way to keep up with the latest style trends.


What are the advantages of fashion jewellery?

Fashion jewellery is budget friendly. A necklace featuring precious stones and metals may cost much more than a similar costume piece. The affordability of fashion jewellery ensures that a fashion conscious person can keep up to date with all trends, year round.


Where can you find a reputable costume jewellery retailer?

You don’t even have to leave your house to buy your accessories! Visit Rue B for a giant and varied range of costume jewellery from all over the world.

Rue B has been in business for many years and is one of the leading online jewellery stores in the United Kingdom. Although prices are competitive, they do not compromise on quality and ensure that all their pieces are 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic.

When ordering from Rue B, you can be assured that each piece you order will be lovingly and carefully hand wrapped in tissue by a dedicated member of staff, who will also include a handwritten thank you note.

Rue B’s New Danon Collection

Rue B’s New Danon Collection

Here at Rue B we wholeheartedly attest to the evergreen nature of Danon Jewellery. Each piece of Danon jewellery is a work of art, handmade in pewter and glazed with silver, bronze or gold. As a result, not only is Danon Jewellery perfect for everyday wear- it’s also incredibly hard wearing.

Come and see our fantastic range 

Pewter is much hardier than sterling silver; it’s weight and strength mean that with a minimum of care each piece has the potential to last for decades. To clean Danon Jewellery, simply take a soft dry cloth (silver cloths are fine for polishing Danon) and give it a quick polish.

Many pieces of Danon jewellery feature Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones. For a high quality and durable piece of eye catching jewellery, you will find Danon very reasonably priced.

At Rue B we have a great relationship with the designer of many of the Danon Jewellery pieces featured on this blog, our website (here) and in our York store. Danon Jewellery is a Rue B favourite- and we’re not alone! Over the years, Danon Jewellery has become extremely sought after across the United Kingdom and in Europe.

The buyers at Rue B York take care to source the finest collection of Danon necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles. Our large range has now increased again, bringing together a new heart style that is destined to become another signature piece, along with jewellery inspired by nature and the coast (perfect for beating those Winter blues)! As always, each piece makes a statement whilst also being ideal for everyday wear.


Danon Jewellery Bangles come in a silver, bronze or pewter finish. Each bangle is masterfully created, carefully handmade with pewter and then glazed with silver or bronze. Many bangles feature Swarovski elements, semi-precious stones or freshwater pearls. Wear individually for an everday look or create your own unique statement by stacking and layering bangles together!

Danon Bangle With Dainty ‘Lily-pad’ Heart Charm, £27.60* (Usually £30**)

A hammered Danon bangle with dainty lillypad inspired heart charm. This Danon bangle has an inside diameter of 7cm, is handmade from pewter and glazed with sterling silver. 

Danon Bangle With Freshwater Pearl and Mussel Shell Charm, £33.12* (Usually £36**)

Hammered Danon bangle featuring a freshwater pearl and delicate mussel sea shell charm for extra cuteness. This Danon bangle has an inside interior of 6.5cm.  

Danon Bangle With Adorable Seahorse Charm, £27.60* (Usually £30**)

Hammered Danon bangle glazed with sterling silver. Features an adorable seahorse charm for all you waterbabies out there! This bangle has an inside diameter of 6.5cm. 

Danon Bangle With Seashell Charm, £27.60* (Usually £30**)

Hammered Danon bangle glazed with sterling silver. Features a cute and detailed scallop seashell charm. The interior of the bangle measures at 6.5cm. 

For the rest of our Danon Bangle collection please click here. 


Danon rings are handmade in pewter and glazed with silver or bronze and are available in a range of sizes. Many Danon rings feature Swarovski elements, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. Danon’s gorgeous rings are designed to compliment their selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Danon rings are all handmade, so if you are looking for something a little more unique then you are in the right place! All Danon rings are hard wearing, versatile and nickel free.

Danon Ring With Quirky Ammonite Design, £27.51* (Usually £29.90**)

A new and gorgeous ring design from Danon! This quirky ammonite shape will truly make you stand out from the crowd. Available in sizes N and Q. 

Danon Ring With Stunning Starfish Design, £27.51* (Usually £29.90)

A new and gorgeous ring design from Danon! This quirky starfish design is perfect for beachcombers and seaside lovers. Available in sizes N and Q. 

Danon Ring With Unusual And Quirky Mussel Seashell Decoration, £26.59* (Usually £28.90**)

A new and gorgeous ring design from Danon! An unusual Danon ring with seashell embellishment. Available in sizes N and Q.

For the rest of our Danon Ring collection please click here. 


Danon Jewellery create studs, hoop and drop earrings, where each component is a work of art, hand made in pewter and glazed with silver, bronze or gold. Many earrings fatures Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones or freshwater pearls. They are stunning, pratical and extremely wearable- Danon earrings are perfect to take you from day to evening. Beautiful worn alone or stunning in addition to your collection.

Danon Earrings With Lillypad Inspired Hearts, £22.95* (Usually £24.95**)

A new and gorgeous earring design from Danon! This unusual heart shape has an asymmetric design that is reminscent of a lily pad leaf with a fishhook fastening.
This style is also available with a hoop fastening- please click here.
This style is also available with a stud fastening- please click here. 


What to consider while buying silver earrings from online?

What to consider while buying silver earrings from online?

In this recent time, wearing silver ornaments has become very common matter. In fact, it has become the latest trend and a massive number of women follow this trend. For this reason, buying silver ornaments is increasing day-by-day. Actually, most of the women in these days want to achieve modern look and that’s why they prefer wearing jewellery that provide contemporary and striking look to them. Since silver ornaments are able to provide this kind of attractive look to the users so today, women prefer purchasing these accessories.


If you prefer wearing modern accessories that can provide a gorgeous look to you, then you must buy silver ornaments. In fact, you can update your jewellery collection with beautiful silver earrings. Lets’ know the advantages of using silver ornaments.

  • It is seen that compared to gold, silver ornaments are available at a reasonable price. So, women can buy their preferred ornaments that are made of silver easily.
  • Like other materials, silver is also very valuable. And that’s why accessories that made of this kind of materials can provide a valuable look.
  • Since silver accessories are not very costly so women can wear it at anytime without concerning about their safety.
  • In this recent time, most of the women prefer achieving modern look. Since silver jewellery provides a modern look so they prefer wearing it mostly.
  • Ornaments that are made of silver are suitable for any aged women and they wearing it for various purposes.
  • Like gold, silver is also very strong materials so accessories that are made of this kind of material are very strong.
  • Since silver accessories are available in many stores so purchasing these kinds of ornaments is not a big deal.

Earrings are very common accessories that are used by the women. In this recent time, varieties types of beautiful silver earrings are available in the market. If you also want to buy them, then you must consider some necessary factors.  So, let’s have a quick glance on those factors;

  • You must buy your preferred silver jewellery from the reputable online store. Before purchasing you must visit the store carefully.
  • Before purchasing you must check the quality of earrings. Remember, reliable sources sell ornaments that are made of pure quality silver.
  • Before dealing with the online source, you must visit their clients’ reviews. Proper reviews will help you to get concept about the source.
  • You must ask them about the price of the accessories.

p2971_silver_gold_bird_paradise_flower_blooms_earringsIf you are looking for a reputable online jewellery shop, then you must visit Rue B. This online source has a huge stock of varieties silver ornaments and they sell them at a reasonable price. If you want to visit their online source, then you must visit their official site at So, whenever you decide to improve the collection of silver accessories you must visit this online shop.

Up to 70% off Sterling Silver Jewellery at the Rue B online clearance sale.

Up to 70% off Sterling Silver Jewellery at the Rue B online clearance sale.


This is our end of line clearance sale for our 925 collection of sterling silver. Grab it whilst you can- everything is heavily reduced!

Here are our top bargains….


Aviv Sterling Silver Chunky Layered Heart Necklace, £156.90* (was £210)

A beautiful statement necklace made of sterling silver with a rose gold double heart pendant. The heart pendant rests on a 17″ sterling silver rope chain. This necklace is from the designers at Aviv, an Israeli jewellery company that hand makes every piece, so you are guaranteed a unique item. It is a great favourite with the customers at our York shop.
Please note: we are not able to change the chain on this particular necklace. 

Stunning Black and Clear Crystal Necklace, £79* (was £149)

Delicate, stylish and very glamorous sterling silver Czech crystal necklace. The crystals featured are clear and black and follow all the way around the neckline. The necklace itself is 18 inches in length, with a 1 inch extender.  Reduced by £60, don’t delay as these pieces are our last ones!

Multi-Tone Sterling Silver Heart Necklace, £29.99* (was £69)

With over 50% off, this gold and rose gold sterling silver heart necklace is an absolute bargain. The scratched sterling silver provides an exceptionally unique look. The necklace is 16 inches long and makes an ideal Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day present.
Please note: we are not able to change the chain on this particular necklace.

For the rest of our reduced necklace selection please click here. 

**Please note: Chains are NOT included on our clearance pendants**


Sterling Silver Pendant With Semi Precious Stones £33.99* (was £59)

A dazzling sterling silver pendant. It features garnet, citrine, peridot and topaz stones and can easily be dressed up or down.
Does not include chain. 

Sterling Silver Super Sparkly Chubby Loveheart Pendant, £23.90 (was £46)

A gorgeous and incredibly glittery heart design pendant. The heart is covered in dozens of high quality, super sparkly crystals, making it the perfect pendant to dress up even the most ordinary of outfits! With just under 50% off, this is a bargain that can’t be missed!
Does not include chain. 


Sterling Silver Marcasite Daisy Pendant with Pearl Embellishment, £8.90* (was £31*)

A beautiful floral design, perfect for when the sun finally begins to shine again! This pendant is made of blackened, oxidised sterling silver (less susceptible to tarnishing) and is studded with shiny marcasite jewels. The centre contains a gorgeous and unique freshwater pearl.
Does not include chain. 

Sterling Silver Chunky Abstract Swirling Pendant, £19.90* (was £51)

A striking and truly unique design, this sterling silver pendant is significantly reduced to just £19.90. The fluidity of the design insures that the pendant will stand out beautifully against a dark coloured top or dress.
Does not include chain. 

For the rest of our reduced pendant selection please click here. 




Sterling Silver Unicorn Stud Earrings, £3.99* (was £7.90)

A whimsical pair of sterling silver earrings. Reduced to just £3.99, they make a brilliant present for those of us who are still children at heart! The unicorn is a magic beast. Not only is it a fearless horse, it’s also a warrior, and a beloved companion.Its horn is said to be a useful weapon that has great healing properties. This creature is known to live in an enchanted forest and tends to be the object of extreme desire.


Sterling Silver and Pearl Round Studs with Semi-Precious Detail, £16.99* (was £28)

Stunning sterling silver pearl earrings. Round freshwater pearl studs featuring blue topaz semi-precious stones, ideal for a subtle yet glamorous look. Pearl shapes may vary slightly.
Also available with Pale Green Peridot Semi-Precious Stones
Also available with Purple Amethyst Semi-Precious Stones.
Also available with Red Garnet Semi-Precious Stones

Sterling Silver Chunky Art Deco Design Drops, £15.99 (was £49)

Gorgeous large statement sterling silver earrings. Although large, these earrings are extremely light and comfortable to wear. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, these earrings hang down but are fixed to the earlobe with a stud fastening.

Sterling Silver Flower Earrings With Freshwater Pearls, £35.90* (was £47)

Ideal for Spring, these drop earrings are sterling silver and have fishhook style backs. The earrings feature large flowers with freshwater pearls as centres. The sterling silver is oxidised and slightly hammered for a vintage inspired look.

For the rest of our reduced earring selection please click here.


Sterling Silver Clip Heart Bangle, £27.90 (was £57)

A gorgeous and unusual sterling silver bracelet, reduced by almost £30! A subtle yet striking piece, the bracelet unclips around the heart, which makes it perfect for those who struggle with the usual clasps.

Sterling Silver Heart and Circle Link Bracelet, £59.90* (was £90)

A gorgeous handcrafted piece of jewellery. Each link of this beautiful hammered bracelet is 925 sterling silver and the T-bar fastener makes for easy closing and opening of the bracelet. The design has the classic Aviv hammered look and features several geometric shapes along with hearts and a bird at the T-Bar fastener. Aviv is a family run business based in Israel and we’re thrilled to be stock their designs in our York shop and online.

Sterling Silver Scratched Sphere Bracelet, £69* (was £129)

A striking bracelet with dozens of sratched silver ball charms in a row, This looks great worn alone as a statement piece or with a simple pair of pearl studs to compliment the look. Perfect for special occasions, or toned down for everyday wear.

For the rest of our reduced bracelet selection please click here. 


All of Rue B’s sterling silver jewellery is made from the highest quality 925 silver, and is hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free.

For our reduced costume jewellery collection, please click here.

For even more jewellery at cheap prices, don’t forget to check out Rue B’s website by clicking here.

*All prices included in this post and on the Rue B website include free standard shipping in the total.

All our jewellery comes gift-wrapped in tissue and an organza pouch. For further gift-wrapping options, including our boxes, please select from options at checkout.

Up to 70% off Fashion & Costume Jewellery At Rue B’s Online Clearance Sale

Up to 70% off Fashion & Costume Jewellery At Rue B’s Online Clearance Sale

Beat the January blues by treating yourself at the online Rue B sale, where many fashion and costume jewellery pieces are reduced by up to 70%!

Here are our some of our top bargains….



Rose Gold Oblong Stone Necklace, £7.99* (was £15.90)Rose Gold Oblong Stone Necklace, £7.99* (was £15.90)

Reduced by almost 50%, this is a beautiful and unusual rose gold necklace which features an oblong stone set in resin. The necklace measures 43cm with an extension of 8cm available.
Also available in silver.


Art Deco Inspired Statement Necklace with Delicate Crystal Detail, £18.99* (was £39)

Make a statement with this beautiful and glamorous Art Deco inspired crystal necklace. Reduced from £39 to £18.99, it has never been cheaper to channel your inner flapper. An absolute bargain, this necklace measures 16″ with a 3″ extender.
Also available in black.

Braided Gold and Silver Chunky Necklace, £16.99 (was £39)

The multiple tones in this gorgeous braided necklace allow for incredible versatility. A statement piece, this necklace is perfect to wear on its own, but can also be easily paired with other silver, gold or grey accessories. Reduced from £39 to £16.99, this bargain measures 49cm with an extension available of 8cm.


Delicate Silver Heart Necklace with Crystal Detail, £4.99* (was £16)

Reduced from £16 to an incredibly cheap £4.99, this delicate heart necklace with crystal detail is perfect as a Mother’s Day or Valentines Day. Each heart is individually decorated with either a beautiful spiral pattern, crystals, or a ‘Believe’ affirmation.
Also available in gold.

Check out the rest of Rue B’s reduced fashion necklace selection here. 


Gold Affirmations Engraved Bracelet: ‘I Wish For Love’, £3.99 (was £11.99)

A lovely bangle with charms engraved with the affirmation ‘I Wish For Love’. The bracelet is gold and silver plated and features an imitation pearl. Reduced from £11.99 to just 3.99, this bargain is guaranteed to put a smile on anybody’s face.
Also available in silver.

Camel Cord Bracelet With Silver Plated Tubing, £17.99 (was £34)


Cord jewellery is looking to be a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2017 and so this multi strand camel bracelet (reduced by almost 50%!) is a perfect bargain don’t delay and snap it up!


Multi-Tone Bracelet Set, £5.99* (was £13.90)

Part of Rue B’s multi tone collection this bracelet set combines rose gold plated and hematite plated bangles. The curved shape of the bangles means they all fit together well as a set but they can also be worn individually or layered up with other pieces.

Gold Plated Bangle with Star Silhouette, £3.99* (was £9.90)

A simple but beautiful design, this gold-plated bangle features a repeated star silhouette, making it a perfect bracelet for everyday wear. At just £3.99 you could make someone (or yourself!) very happy with this gift.

Check out the rest of Rue B’s reduced fashion bracelet collection here. 


Black and Gold Plated Chandelier Earrings with Crystal Detailing, £7.99* (was £18.90)

Make a statement with these chandelier vintage style earrings, now reduced by over 50%! These earrings feature both black and silver crystals, with gold-plated detailing all over. They are a stud fastening with plastic earring backs and measure 9.5cm in length.

Geometric Ice Shard Earrings, £4.99 (was £9.90)

Perfect for the upcoming festival season, these geometric ice shard earrings are reduced to just £4.99- an absolute bargain! They feature silver plated diamond and circle shapes with glass ‘ice shards’ floating at the base, and feature a fish-hook fastening.

Geometric Rose Gold Plated Stud Earrings, £2.99 (WAS £6.90)

Geometric jewellery is another trend looking to take off even further in 2017, so why not treat yourself to these rose gold hexagon earrings for just £2.99? They feature a stud fastening with a plastic back provided.

Silver Plated Cute Dog Earrings, £3.99* (was £8.90)

Quirky, cute and just a little bit strange, these silver plated dog earrings are perfect for any dog lover! Reduced by over 50%, they feature a bulldog looking rather grumpy and have fish-hook fastenings.
Also available in gold.

Check out the rest of Rue B’s reduced fashion earring collection here. 


All of Rue B’s costume and fashion jewellery is made from the highest quality metal, and is hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free.

For our reduced sterling silver collection, please click here.

For even more jewellery at cheap prices, don’t forget to check out Rue B’s website by clicking here.

*All prices included in this post and on the Rue B website include free standard shipping in the total.

All our jewellery comes gift-wrapped in tissue and an organza pouch. For further gift-wrapping options, including our boxes, please select at checkout.