Why would you wear a STATEMENT NECKLACE.

Why would you wear a STATEMENT NECKLACE.

STATEMENT NECKLACES at Rue B jewellers in York

Just what can changing your look just a little do for your confidence

Black and Crystal Statement Necklace

Here at Rue B you will find a great range of statement jewellery for all occasions

If you likle to make a bold and individual statement with your look then you definately need to consider a

piece of statement jewellery and particularly a statement necklace. What does a statement necklace say

about you, youre confident , you don’t shy away from the limelight, in fact you positively love it. People are

attracted to  those of us with confidence and flamboyance, it’s human nature, they hope that some of you

flair will somehow rub off on the and you know it does. So it’s not about being the tallest, the best looking

it’s about  one thing and that’s Confidence, if you don’t have so much youn can still bluff it by the way you

dress and hold yourself and this will in turn make you feel and s become more confident and confidence

is a thing that grows the more you ave the more people recognise it and the more you realise there is

nothing to be afraid of and so this grows.

Red Cord Necklace with Silver Tube Detail

Red Cord Necklace with Silver Tube Detail


I’m not suggesting that if you are scared of your own shadow all you need do is pop on a wonderful


statement necklace and you will instantly feel a like a movie star and people will just flock around you


basking in your new found glow of confidence, quite frankly that would be daft.


Brushed Silver Statement Necklace …

Brushed Silver Statement Necklace …


No but it still stands that start with the way you look and the way you feel will alter and so you will then


change the way you look further.  It’s well known that we project how we feel and tell those around us how


to react or even what first impression they should make of us. So those quite girls that wear black and


grey, scirts down to their ankles and none or very little makeup are telling us keep away I don’t want to


chat, and anyway I’ve got very little to say thank you.


Multi Coloured Statement Necklace

Just imagine that same girl complimented with a bold statement fashion necklace , you can see now that

dowdy instantly becomes understated and stylish. She’s now comunicating something completely

different . No longer a boring wall flower she is saying, hey, I’ve got style I don’t have to shout about it but

this quirky necklace tells you I’m not trying to hard but at the same time I’m open, confident and like a

laugh,  come chat. Honestly, It’s that easy.

Image result for made statement necklace

Don’t go over the top! that will youst make you withdraw.

So whatever you do yopu need to be comfortable with the way you look, don’t buy a crazy statement

necklace and expect to much of yourseld it won’t work in fact it will have the opposite effect. You’re goona

feel awquard and a little embarassed and your body language will counicate this. It will say I got this

thinking it would look fab and make me stand out but now I’ve got it home I just feel silly and so I’m gonna

hide here.

Beaded Silver and Turquoise necklace

Statement necklaces should be stylish not just Punk for the sake of it

So Just step it go for something a little less statement to begin with and when you confidence grows step

it up and go a little bolder. But, whatever you do don’t go with the three piece set, this can make you look

like the proverbial christmas tree. Go with neck and arms or ears and arms and or even just Necklace or


Gold Statement Earrings

No need to go mad but if you insist on wearing all three then go with complimentary and not matching

your not a living room so show some personality.

RueB jewellers in York have a fabulouse range of Statement necklace, Earrings, Rings and Bracelets in

Bold sterling silver and fashion jewellery.

so what ever your look then we are sure to have just the right piece to compliment it.

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