English Roses

English Roses

What better way to celebrate the onset of English spring than with our collection of stunning rose jewellery? Whereas winter floral styles of last autumn were the stuff of dark fantasy, these season’s florals are in shades of pastel and aren’t afraid to be a little daintier.

Roses are the ultimate in girly style and are a great way to bring some feminine glamour to an otherwise plain or androgynous outfit.Roses are a great way to cheery your outfit up, especially whilst it’s still chilly outside!

This beautiful pink rose statement ring is ideal for this purpose, with its silver metal band and oversized pearlescent flower in the centre.

pink rose ring on adjustable silver band

But roses don’t have to be overly pink to make a statement, why not try our edgy blue rose cuff:

Blue Rose Bracelet

My personal favourite earrings of this trend are from our PILGRIM range. they are a gorgeous rose pink colour and feature crystal details that bring subtle sparkle to any outfit. As with all PILGRIM jewellery, they are handmade and a bargain at only £9.00 at Rue B!

PILGRIM pink flower earrings


The great thing about this trend is that it is one that will you see well into the year and is perfectly suited to any number of occasion, from day-to-day wear to an glitzy night out to a summery garden wedding.

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