Our Brands: Danon

Our Brands: Danon

Danon jewellery is most definitely our  favourite designs and we’re not alone – Over recent years, Danon Jewellery has become extremely sought after in the UK, and we at RueB take time and care to select all of our Danon Jewellery collection so you can choose from their most upto date exquisite and outstanding pieces.  Our range includes chunky silver & gold bracelets and bangles, silver chunky rings, gold and silver stud, hoop, drop and hook earrings, bronze, gold & silver short, mid-length and long necklaces.

Danon‘s piece whilst being timeless, have always been at the forefront of boutique fashion design, whilst still remaining true to their roots of producing stylish and affordable accessories that are eye-catching and practical enough to wear everyday.  Danon jewellery is still created by their team of top designers with over 30 years of experience using silver, gold and bronze on pewter and specially treated to assure optimum lustre and durability. Danon jewellery is specially adorned using Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and exquisite beads, glass, freshwater pearls and leather.

So if you want to own a timeless, jewellery classic you could do no better than chose a piece from beautiful collection of Danon Jewellery.

silver hammered heart danon necklace

DANON was founded in 1975  in Israel, and even today the company is run but the same family where it originated. The company’s offices and manufacturing plant are located in Fnrmh Tel Aviv, where designers create jewellery and gifts, sold about 300 points of sale in the country and in 10 countries around the world. Danonand its products are now synonymous with original design and meticulous quality. Danon’s designs are characterized by clean lines and combine original elements, gems, leather, Swarovski crystals and more. Each piece is manufactured with pewter and zinc as the base materials, which are then plated with real gold, silver or bronze. The overall effect is simply beautiful, different from anything else you’ll find on the high street.

gold danon necklace with heart

Danon is possibly our most popular jewellery ranges at Rue B. every individual piece complements the others in the range, making Danon jewellery immensely collectable, and an ideal gift.

With so much to choose from, you might not be sure where to start. never fear, we are here to guide you! Most customers choose to start their Danon collection with a bangle, featuring one of a variety of charms, amongst which the heart is the most possible. The striking heart designs used by Danon are amongst the top sellers in the shop and online. All bangles available at our online shop.

Danon Bangle

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