Winter Costume Jewellery

Winter Costume Jewellery

Jazzing up your wardrobe during winter is simple and requires that you be a bit more daring with your jewellery, even if your clothes feel relatively plain in comparison.

Sparkling statement earrings and oversized necklaces are a must at this time of the year, as even big coats and jumpers need a little glamour.

I’m not alone in thinking this as Indian singer Manasi Scott discussed this week how important it is to look your best in winter.

The superstar told DNA India that while she can’t be as expressive in her wardrobe choices during these months, she uses the cold Mumbai weather as an excuse to choose more extravagant and creative jewellery.

She said: “I generally don’t like wearing jewellery in the summer because it clings to the body and feels sticky.

“However, I adore wearing jewellery in the winters and that’s when my gold and diamonds come out in all their splendour.”

Manasi went on to confess: “Whether it’s onstage or at weddings, the jewellery I’m wearing during this season is much heavier and more gorgeous.”

She revealed that she hates blending into the Mumbai crowds and gains great enjoyment from dressing in larger than life outfits.

“In winter with my jackets and my polo neck I most prefer wearing an interesting pair of earrings and a necklace – the latter most often with a plain black polo neck,” Manasi later added.

But if, like Manasi, you’re keen to make a statement with your accessories where can you start?

Chunky necklaces

When I think costume jewellery, chunky necklaces are always the first to come to mind.

Even with a high-necked jumper or vest top, great big beads or clusters of jewels are sure to liven up your look.

I’ve got a fab green collarless blouse hanging in my wardrobe which I’ve yet to wear and I feel it’s really crying out for an amazing necklace to give it the wow factor.


My top might not have its own collar, but I’m sure this design is far more eye-catching around my neck.

Oversized earrings


Costume jewellery is also typified by oversized earrings, allowing you to appear sophisticated whatever the occasion.

I’d probably leave the really huge designs at home until the evening time, when you can go to town on colour and size.

Bigger is definitely better in my opinion, and a great place to start has to be Rue B’s great selection of chandelier earrings.

chandelier earrings

Filled with a treasure trove of gems, sparkling details and a menagerie of shapes it’s hard not to find a piece you’ll love!

Colourful pieces are a must if you’ve got a plain outfit, or perhaps if it is made up of only one bold shade.

I’ve got a lot of little black dresses I plan to wear this winter, allowing me to flatter my figure and cover up any lumps and bumps.

But this doesn’t mean I want to be a wallflower. Far from it!

To combat this I’ve spied this slinky pair of bold matte gold metal earrings, with fish hook fastening and two hoops trailing downwards, giving them a really unique edge.

Did I mention they’re a whopping 18cm long as well? Sounds pretty sophisticated to me!

Sparkling jewels

Finally, costume jewellery needs to be a bit different, it needs to be prominent and most of all it needs to dazzle.

Colourful jewels and stones are a great way to spice up your everyday wardrobe, so long as you have quirky shapes and large designs then this shouldn’t be a problem.

This season garnet reds and amethyst purples have been hugely popular, and to take these looks into spring all you need to do is to tone down your makeup and lighten up the colours of your clothes.

Nothing is more timeless than quality costume jewellery.

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