Trend watch: Fairytale Jewellery

Trend watch: Fairytale Jewellery


The festive TV and cinema schedule might be filled with action blockbusters and typical romcoms, but it’s also a haven for fairytales.

I’m definitely a big kid at heart, but who doesn’t get all nostalgic when they spot their favourite storybook or see that their former number one Disney movie is being repeated.

December is a time of wonder and with so many fancy dress opportunities, it seems a huge shame not to get into the spirit of things by taking inspiration from fairytale princesses.

Every girl wanted to be a princess. Whether it was Cinderella with her glass slippers or Sleeping Beauty and her magical friends, this was the coolest position around.

It still is for many little girls, after all who wouldn’t want to be Kate Middleton just for a day even?

With her radiant smile, bouncing brunette locks and outstanding taste in statement jewellery, she’s certainly won over a lot of style critics. I think the princess theme can be distinctly split into two sub-categories, obvious and understated.

To stand out from the crowd, you can go all out and opt for pink pieces or sparkling accessories. Take inspiration from Hollywood’s young stars. For example, Elle Fanning is a big fan of all things pink but she doesn’t go overboard with it, preferring to keep things chic and understated, like this beautiful pink flower necklace. I can just picture this looking fabulous with a floaty pastel dress in the spring.

For a more grown up take on this feminine trend, why not try this crystal, silver plated necklace?

With this pretty necklace around your neck, you need only find a tiny pair of matching stud earrings and you’re all ready to follow in the footsteps of your fairytale heroine.

For furthr inspiration, check out our flower range at RueB.


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