M – Jewellery Dictionary

M – Jewellery Dictionary

marquise cut

An oval cut with tapered, pointed ends.

matinee length

A matinee-length necklace is a single strand that is from 51cm to 64cm (20 to 25 inches) long. Matinee-length generally refers to a string of pearls that hangs to the top of the cleavage.

matte finish

A matte finish on a metal’s surface is a soft, lustrous finish that reduces the metal’s reflectivity.

mohs scale

A loose scale measuring a mineral’s hardness in relation to other minerals, based upon the ability to resist scratching. It is used to classify the hardness of gemstones. It was developed by the German Friedrich Mohs, in 1822, and he used 10 minerals, ranking them 1 to 10 based upon their ability to scratch each other. Whereby, each mineral will scratch the one below it in the scale, but can only be scratched by those above it.

The scale is as follows:<ul><li>1 – talc</li><li>2 – gypsum</li><li>3 – pearls</li><li>4 – fluorite</li><li>5 – apatite</li><li>6 – turquoise and opal, rhodium</li><li>7 – amethyst</li><li>8 – topaz, garnet and aquamarine</li><li>9 – sapphire and ruby</li><li>10 – diamond</li></ul>


Imitation diamond with better refractive index than cubic zirconium. Much cheaper than real diamonds and almost impossible to tell from the real thing.


Mother-of-pearl is the iridescent coating on the inside of oyster shells. Mother-of-pearl is used for jewellery, buttons, and other uses. It is also called nacre.

multi-finger ring

Two or more conjoined rings, designed to be worn across two, three, or even four fingers; usually popularised by hip-hop culture.

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