H – Jewellery dictionary

H – Jewellery dictionary


This is the authorised stamp from an assay office which is found on items of gold, silver and platinum. The hallmark indicates the authenticity and standard of the precious metal and is awarded after independent tests by the official assay offices at London, Birmingham, Sheffield or Edinburgh.

hammered metal

Hammered metals have been formed, shaped, or decorated by a metalworker’s hammer. The surface of hammered metal is covered with crater-like depressions made by a hammer. Many hammered metals are used in jewellery including gold, silver, brass, aluminium, etc.


This is an important quality of a gemstone because it influences how hard-wearing it is. A gemstone’s hardness is measured by how resistant it is to being scratched. It is measured using the Mohs scale of hardness, whereby one substance is harder than another if it can scratch it.

hoop earrings

Earrings with metal formed into hoop shapes, which may form complete circles or extend only partially around.

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