F – Jewellery Dictionary

F – Jewellery Dictionary


One of the flat, polished surfaces on a cut gemstone. They are cut to help enhance the gemstone’s reflection of light so that its brilliance and beauty are increased.


The cutting and polishing of the surface of a gemstone into a distinctive, and specifically proportioned, pattern of flat panels, or ‘facets’. This is done with the intention of increasing the stone’s reflection of light and its brilliance.

fashion jewelry

Fashion jewellery is another term for costume jewellery.


(Rhymes with ‘glow’) a synthetic or fake version of something. When used in reference to jewellery, it generally means a rhinestone or cubic zirconia version of a gemstone.



The fine lace-like decoration sometimes found on jewellery. It is created from delicately arranged and intertwined precious metal wires.

finger ring size

To size a finger for a ring, a finger-ring gauge is used. The rings are marked with their size and the person determines which one fits well. Another, less accurate method is a cardboard card with cut-out holes marked with the ring sizes. To determine the ring size of a finger using the circumference of the finger, or to determine the size of a ring given its diameter.

floater necklace

An floater (or invisible) necklace looks as though the beads are simply floating on the skin; the beads or pearls are strung far apart from one another on an almost invisible string (like clear fishing line).

fold-over clasp

A clasp where a hinged section is opened and passed through a ring before being snapped shut and holding the ring securely in place.

freshwater pearl

A freshwater pearl is a pearl that was harvested from a freshwater mussel (a mollusk). These pearls are frequently shaped like crisped rice cereal, and are less valuable than oyster pearls.

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