E – Jewellery Dictionary

E – Jewellery Dictionary


An item of jewellery worn in, or on, the earlobe. Nowadays most earrings are for pierced ears, however there are still clip-on earrings for those who do not have pierced ears. Earrings come in a variety of different styles, including: studs; drop earrings; hoops and wedding bands. All styles can be plain or stone set.


Electroplating is the process that includes coating one metal with another using electricity. Inexpensive metals are electroplated with more expensive metals, such as gold, copper, rhodium, chromium, or silver.


Embossing is a method of surface decoration in which a design is raised slightly above the surface. Sheets of metal, leather, and plastic can be embossed.


A green gemstone and the most precious of the beryl group. The emerald cut is the most popular, and most practical cut for showing off the beauty of this gemstone, hence the name. The emerald is the birthstone for May.

emerald cut

This cut features a rectangular stone with cut corners. It is most frequently used on emeralds and diamonds.


An opaque, glassy material which is attached to the metal on an item of jewellery to give it decoration.

engagement ring

A gemstone set ring used to symbolise a strong commitment of love. Diamonds are the most popular choice of gemstone because of their value and traditional symbolism of lasting love, with the solitaire design being the favourite choice. An engagement ring is traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, because it was believed that the vein from this finger ran directly to the heart.


Engraving is a method of surface decoration in which a design is etched into the surface with a sharp tool.

estate jewellery

Usually referring to antique jewellery, this term encompasses any jewellery that is being re-sold.

etched finish

An etched finish on a metal’s surface reduces the metal’s reflectivity. It is done by using harsh chemicals to eat into the surface or by cutting into the surface using a sharp tool.

eternity ring

An eternity ring is a narrow band with a ring of gemstones.

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