Catch up with Celtic jewellery

Catch up with Celtic jewellery

Fashion trends come about by adopting classic looks and giving them a brand new twist.

This season 60s and 70s jewellery has really come to the fore, but it’s not just recent eras that are influencing styles right now.

Celtic accessories are a must-have at the moment, linking in to the heritage look that was so hot on the autumn-winter 2012 catwalks.

To get on board with this trend I’ve been checking out a lot of knotted designs, including this black and gold Celtic necklace.

On a vintage look gold chain, this statement necklace features a black looped knot with metallic edging for that added wow factor.

This would look really fab with my new black velvet mini dress I’ve just bought for the party season.

Some gold of Rue B’s stud earrings and a pair of black ankle boots and I’m ready to rock!

Posted by Sophie


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