Are you a jewellery shape-shifter?

Are you a jewellery shape-shifter?

When I have a look through new fashion trends I’m often struck by materials, textures and colours.

But when we strip it back to basics, what I’m often deciding between is shapes.

This has been a key focus of catwalk collections of late, stretching as far back as the autumn-winter runways and moving forward to next year’s spring-summer shows.
Mixed Tone Geometric Necklace
If you saw Chanel’s enormous round handbag, you’ll understand what I mean by a shift back to simple shapes!

While intricate designs make eye-catching accessories, sometimes it really is the more basic the silhouette the more of a statement it makes when wearing it.

Spin me right round

As seen on the huge white handbag I mentioned earlier, circular forms are proving to be a huge hit right now, and haute couture or not they make stunning pieces of RueB jewellery.
Blue and Crystal Ball Ring
Circles can be found in all manner of accessories, from earrings, to necklaces to statement rings.
Black animal print earrings
This pair of RueB animal print earrings are a great way to combine two trends in one, with their hoop style, assorted disc details, leopard print elements and uniting rose gold metal.

The colours don’t detract from the distinct shape, although if you want to really make an impact I advise you wear them as a standalone piece, perhaps with your hair up so they garner maximum attention.

It’s hip to be square

Whoever hinted that squares aren’t cool clearly wasn’t aware of this season’s love of geometric designs, featuring angular art deco constructions for a minimalist look.

This isn’t about channelling 80s extravagance, as it’s equally as attractive to opt for a more subtle shape.
CZ Stud
These crystal glass stone square earrings are exactly what I mean, with their silver metal fastenings and clean-cut design making them a really versatile option.

Look edgy in triangles

Again on the 20s vein simple motifs can complete a look, offering the finishing touch you were looking for.

Triangle shapes can come in all sizes, from the minute to the loud and proud.
Multi Tone Triangle Necklace
I really enjoy wearing numerous triangle-themed items together, surrounding an otherwise plain look with a mosaic of different designs.
This triangle necklace uses hematite metal and rose gold hues for a beautiful finish and is held together with two fine chains, delicately uniting the irregular shapes.
Triangle Drop Earrings
You can wear it as a lone piece, but in my opinion it looks even better with these dinky black hematite triangle earrings.

Dare to be different

As well as your standard shapes, there is a huge range of icons to look out

for when following this trend.
This includes hearts, ovals, crucifixes, infinite motifs, animals and flowers.

By thinking outside of the box and trying something new you can give your look an edge while also showing that you’re not afraid to try different styles out.
Black and Gold Egg Shape Stud
One pair of earrings which really caught my eye are funky egg-shaped studs.

With a black finish and tiny gold hexagons, they’re a little bit special and unlike anything I’ve seen before. If you’re fed up of playing it safe with trends then these are a must-have purchase.

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