Hearts say it

Hearts say it

Go with your heart this season
Fashion is fed up with hiding its feelings, it’s time to bear your heart on your sleeve and embrace the new trend for love-related motifs.

Hearts are representative of romance, affection and desire and are one of the hottest looks going into the autumn-winter season.

It makes sense really that everyone would want to flaunt these feminine motifs, and looking at the catwalks recently it was easy to pick out the heart-shaped items, including jewellery, printed clothes and even eccentric sunglasses.

Girly glamour is an easy look to achieve with heart-inspired statement jewellery – so what are you waiting for it’s time to get accessorising!

Delicate and dainty designs

Romance isn’t something to brag about, meaning you needn’t cover yourself in heart motifs in order to stand out from the crowd.

Even a pretty little pendant can be a focal feature so long as it contrasts well with your look and glistens in the light for an elegant edge.

For a hint of grown up glamour I love this rose gold metal necklace with a slim chain and delicate heart pendant in the centre, covered in stunning crystal glass stones.

Worn against a backdrop of black or a plain dress, you’re sure to make an impression without going overboard.

I quite like pairing a couple of heart pieces at once, so perhaps some drop earrings would work well, with a classic hairstyle, such as a chic chignon top bun or a low slung side ponytail.

Red is for passion

When imagining a heart design the colours pink and red come to mind, signifying passion and excitement.

Red is campaigning to be the poster shade of autumn, and despite some tough competition, it’s certainly a contender, with red lipstick and handbags making stylish accent pieces for your look.

Bold red hearts are an eye-catching and edgy way to show your passion for this season’s favourite shape, so don’t hold back girls!

The Autumn 2012 collection is filled with affordable and iconic designs such as this black multi-cord necklace, which features a large red enamel heart in the centre, carefully edged with shining hematite, for a glossy and luxurious look.

As it’s paired with black it’s easy to incorporate into your look and all you need to complete your outfit is some crimson talons, vermillion lippy or little rose studs earrings.

Diamante dazzlers

I really enjoy the instant sophistication heart jewellery brings, but to take things to the next level you really ought to take advantage of some of the standout sparkling designs at Majique.

The queen of understated fashion Emma Watson is a massive fan of tiny hoop earrings, wearing them during the day and to her red carpet appearances.

I’ve been considering how to wear them myself and I think that these rose gold hoops have got it spot on.

They’ve got tiny hearts featuring on them, which have been embellished with a series of miniature crystal glass stones.

Definitely a pair to brag about!


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