Getting To Know Our Brands: PILGRIM

Getting To Know Our Brands: PILGRIM

Rue B is proud to stock several major brands of jewellery, the first of which that we’d like to introduce to you is PILGRIM. Our website has a constantly updated PILGRIM selection for those unable to reach us. Use discount code ‘r15’ for and unbelievable 15% discount.

Search product code 151222003

Taken from the Pilgrim section of our website:

PILGRIM was established in 1983 by the two Danes Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen. In the early years they traveled around Denmark selling jewellery in the streets and at rock festivals. But swiftly their business started to grow and evolve into the international company PILGRIM is today…Every single PILGRIM jewellery is handmade, hand painted and assembled by hand. 

Product code 281230008

PILGRIM jewellery is elegant and timeless, a perfect gift for the tricky recipient. Delicate flowers, stars and hearts are a recurring theme, and the designs are always clear and never clichéd.

product code 601212031

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