Buying jewellery

Buying jewellery

‘Consider the recipient’ when buying jewellery gifts
When buying jewellery it’s important to consider who you’re planning on giving the gift to and what kind of styles they seem to prefer.
This is the opinion of Alexandra Fullerton, fashion director at Stylist magazine, who claims that you should “think carefully about what the recipient wears already”.
Basically if they seem to wear quite plain jewellery it’s unlikely they’ll suddenly want to adopt chandelier earrings!
“Likewise, jewellery magpies will find a minimal sliver of silver difficult to assimilate into their wardrobe, so take plenty of time to really think about who you are buying for before you do so!” Ms Fullerton went on to advise.

The easiest option for me is to have a think about the person I’m buying for and then try see which of Majique’s collections seem to fit with their personal style.
That way at least I’m closer to getting it right!

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