Black is back

Black is back

Bring on black beads
Big, bold jewellery is a trend that never fades, especially if you’re using the most dramatic shade of them all, black.
It’s the most versatile colour around, and allows you to be more experimental with your look, including your other accessories.
The Autumn 2012 collection is filled with an array of standout black acrylic jewellery, including this statement necklace.
Made up of black acrylic balls, the beads begin small towards the clasp, gradually growing bigger towards the centre, for a really retro look.
Each bead has been encircled with hematite detail, bringing a shimmering touch of metallic magic.
This style also works really well on geometric shaped jewellery, such as this Rue B black acrylic necklace with abstract shapes, edged with hematite and fixed to an edgy-looking chain.
I love how the little details really make this necklace, especially with the shiny sections giving it a real glam vibe.

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