Be Poetic

Be Poetic

Express yourself with poetic jewellery
Expressing your feelings or making a statement isn’t an easy task for everyone.

Poetry is a very subjective art, allowing you to convey your emotions and regale audiences with your words.

So with that in mind I’ve just come across Rue B’s brand new Poetry Inscription collection, which features an array of inspiring phrases.

Whether given as a gift or kept for yourself, the bracelets in particular make a sophisticated addition to your jewellery box, in either gold or silver look metal.

This silver bangle bears the inscription ‘Shine, we are all made of stars,’ while a gold version comes with the delightful phrase ‘Dream, live the life you imagined’.

Both of these positive poetry examples can be used to brighten up your day, while also adding a little shine to your look with their chic metallic shades.

Alternatively, why not go back to basics with a simple silver pendant, featuring a one word affirmation inscription such as ‘Love’ or ‘Dream’.

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