Walk on the wild side

Walk on the wild side

Walk on the wild side with animal print jewellery
October is already shaping up to be quite a month for animal print jewellery, with celebrities everywhere rocking their own statement accessories or clothing.

Selena Gomez started off this trend by wearing a leopard print beanie hat, with Sofia Vergara only too happy to take the gauntlet and commit to this pattern once and for all with a sexy figure-hugging leopard print dress.

Myleene Klass kept up the sultry look with a lingerie-inspired red leopard print panel dress, while Billie Faiers set out to prove this look works just as well with casual attire, by wearing a matching pair of printed leggings and a scarf.

The beauty of the leopard print look is that it is so versatile, and easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion, with the natural hues complementing every skin tone.

With such variation around, how can you wear animal prints this month?

Structured statement pieces

Contrasting natural and manmade designs is a great way to spice up a timeless look, using structured shapes to give an otherwise fluid style a great new feel.

Majique has used this theme to remove previous connotations about leopard print, creating items like this square stretch bracelet from the Tribal Safari Jewellery collection.

This standout design has been cut into a square, with gold metal corner details, while the centre remains rounded, giving it a chic geometric look and ensuring that it remains easy to slip on and off. This is especially true as the bracelet has been fitted with elastic segments, meaning it’s even more comfortable to wear.

Leopard print layering

Leopard print is a wild design in itself, but this makes it all the more tempting to embrace and use as part of a layered look.

This means coordinating your accessories like TOWIE star Billie and using it as the overriding colour scheme for your outfit. Don’t be afraid of clashing, as so long as you ditch opposing patterns, you’re not at risk of creating a visual headache.

To begin with, this classic irregular drop-shaped leopard print necklace makes a great start, with oval discs running around a chain, turning it into a winning choker or statement necklace.

If you want to work in a little more safari sophistication, then these slightly paler leopard print drop earrings are exactly what you need, with their gold finish and single turquoise stones incorporating a little extra colour into your look.

Metallic marvels

Animal prints might be one of the most natural looks around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz them up with the help of some gold or silver metal.

This strong design features leopard print resin panels joined together on a chain to form a bold necklace, using embossed antique gold metal sections and a central animalistic medallion as a focal point.

If you’re a fan of the vintage metal look then why not also try out these leopard print earrings, with gold discs and edgy animal print drop jewels.

Costume jewellery ‘can complete a look’
Statement jewellery can be relied upon to complete your look, adding the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

But when choosing you accessories, costume jewellery is a brilliant option, according to Sairey Stemp, fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Ms Stemp argues that you should let it finish or dominate your look, and that it should be “enjoyed and adorned at the same time”.

These could include bold statement pieces or delicate beaded designs, each of which can bring an extra touch of creativity to your seasonal wardrobe.

“Simple touches can really help an outfit,” she said, “or simply you may just want to wear one amazing, stand out piece like a cocktail ring that will dazzle at every turn”.

The Fashion Ring collection from Rue B displays a glittering array of standout designs, such as this gold metal stretch ring, which boasts a central ivory rectangle stone surrounded by tiny diamante studs, making it a real focaWelcome winter with velvet-look accessories
Velvet is one of those materials which never goes out of fashion, it’s timeless and always reminds me of autumn-winter time.

This season is no different, and taking inspiration from Victorian shapes and designs, this fabulous fabric has made it into the world of jewellery, creating unique fusion pieces.

Whether you’re in love with eccentric fashion or the idea of faux furs and dark brooding colours you’re sure to fall for this trend as quickly as I did! But just how can you wear this standout style?

Bold cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are a really standout way to accessorise this season, bringing a bold shot of colour to your outfit.

Whether you’re opting for a plain black maxi gown or a slick silver shift dress, sliding on a cuff band can really make a statement.

Also, what I love about cuff bracelets is that you have fun with them, choosing to wear them around your wrist like a bracelet, or maybe even higher up your arm for a really fashion-forward look.

This swirling cuff bracelet from Rue B is constructed from black velvet, clipping at one side for added comfort.

The shade ensures it’s extremely versatile, while the looped shape means it’s still a focal point.

For darker outfits why not get noticed with the plush dark red option for a really luxurious look?

Intricate earrings

As velvet is so associated with the Victorian era it makes sense for it to be used in an intricate, layered manner, heralding its original uses as a fabric for luxurious dresses.

Majique has clearly taken these ideas on board in creating a range of heavily-detailed cut-out earrings.

This includes this dark red pair of disc earrings which hang from the ears using hook fastening, leading to cut-out circles, featuring velvet, swirling floral patterns.

They’re reminiscent of beautifully intricate wallpaper and fabric prints from this time period, although they have been brought into the 21st century thanks to little touches of hematite and the use of crystal glass stones.

With the combination of a soft, velvet feel and intricate pattern work, these earrings are a triumph of craftsmanship and sure to become a talking point this season.

Quirky pendants

I often find that the quickest and easiest way to finish off any outfit is with a necklace.

This probably describes why I have so many of them!

But this season I’ve told myself not to splash out on hundreds of different styles, instead focusing on a few unique designs, which are sure to fit in well with my existing wardrobe.

This black velvet bow necklace for instance is exactly what I need, with its classic cut-out pendant looking bold and beautiful hanging off the hematite chain. It’s a really great option for coloured clothing I find, as it really does go with everything.

Meanwhile, for a more girly option I can’t get enough of  red velvet heart necklace.

In a similar style it’s central feature is a heart which has been tied with a cute miniature bow, so essential it’s got two top trends in one piece.

I can’t ask for more than that!

Show your girly side with bow jewellery
Rocky, edgy jewellery will also be a great look for fashion forward ladies, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on femininity in order to rock these themes.

At the moment I can’t get enough of girly styles, using ribbons, glitter and pretty purples and pinks to complement my darker autumn wardrobe.

I love Majique’s new Bow Jewellery collection, which perfectly encapsulates the chic and sophisticated looks which were on display at Milan and now Paris Fashion Week.

Two key pieces which have really caught include this chunky silver statement ring, which features crystal glass jewels across the front to create a bow shape.

I’m also a big fan of this delicate bow necklace made from hematite metal and using a crystal and black glass stone-encrusted pendant in the centre.

Both of these pieces could easily complement a pretty floral dress or even add some feminine fun to my grungy new black leather jacket.




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