Jewellery Fashion Tips

Jewellery Fashion Tips

Girls here is some advice for you from Rue b, I say take it with a pinch of salt. If your comfortable and confident about yourself you don’t need anybody to tell you how to dress. So layer up and read no further.

However, if you need a little advice about the conventions of jewellery wearing then read on and make up your own sweet mind..There are no rules in life and still less in fashion, be bold, be confident, be out there…. Be Lovely.!.

So why do we wear Jewellery!
Well there is along historic tradition and desire for both men and women to wear jewellery. We wear it to catch the eye of a potential mate (obviously). Jewellery is also worn to make us feel great about ourselves and can often make us appear more afluent and powerful. It is said that the right piece of jewellery will in fact make us appear more attractive and thus feel even better about ourselves, however, beware as the wrong piece could have the oposite effect!!

Personally, we express ourselves in all kinds of ways and most of us like to be individual. With so many high street shops selling the same kind of clothes one way we can stamp our personality on our style and make us stand out from the crowd  is to chose an individual piece of jewellery. Look no further than Rueb for that special item weather your a vamp or a flower girl, you sure to see something that catches your eye
like it.


Well, as with clothes and other accesories such as bags, it is always best to keep it relative to your particular shape and size. Basically a tiny necklace on a bigger lady will only serve to make her look bigger. These girls should always tend towards the bold. Conversly a petite girl should tend towards smaller pieces. For those fortunate to be tall and slim, well, you can take youe pick small or big will always look great on you, but I would recomend the bold pieces to realy give you that WOW! just of the catwalk look!!! remember jewellery will serve to make you appear powerful, confident,sexy and can even intimidate those nervouse guys who would much rather have you but who will always chose the safe plain jane opion, but you are more likely to attract a more confident man if you dress for the part. FIRST IMPRESSIONS LADIES!!! FIRST IMPRESSIONS!

Once you’ve slipped on that special t-shirt, dress, pants suit, jeans or blouse, or even your little black number, you shouldn’t forget those special finishing touches. Jewellery is an important part of fashion that should not be neglected. There are a few jewellery fashion tips to keep in mind when you are finishing off(or making) your look.


The object of this natty piece of spangle is to draw attention to the hands and direct the viewers eye to the waist so ….Any time you wear a t-shirt or what can be considered a blouse, especially one with short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves, traditionally you should wear a bracelet on one of your arms, however, being jewellery fanatics we suggest wearing lots of bracelets o both arms, well a girls got to look balanced. If you are going for a casual look, especially with jeans,try silver or gold bangles or a wide metal or acrylic slip-on bracelet or even all of them together. For an edgy look, such as with an asymmetrical dress, try a metal cuff bracelet (shaped like a “C”). For a formal or upscale look, stick with an elegant and simple diamond tennis bracelet or a mesh bracelet made of a precious metal. For those who say you should avoid wearing bracelets on both wrists, as that can overwhelm your look. Try it it looks great especially if your going for that rock chic look!


The necklace that you wear will depend mostly on the neckline of your blouse or dress. If you’re wearing a V-neck or scoop-neck top, go with a drop necklace with a charm on the end. Wear a precious gem, crystal or rhinestone charm, with both formal and casual wear. Choker necklaces look nice with strapless dresses that expose the chest and spaghetti strap styles

A chunky, multi-stone necklace looks best when it hugs the neck and stays above the v-neck of clothing. Avoid prints and large necklaces that both vie for attention by keeping the clothing simple. Try a tribal look with turquoise and silver or a heavy chain with a large single stone for impact.

Loose Blouses
Loose blouses work well with a multitude of long necklaces. Blouses should hit the hips to balance the necklace length. A solid-colored blouse allows the necklace to garner focus. Suzanne D’Amato, deputy editor of the Style Q column at the “Washington Post,” suggests mixing necklaces like “a delicate gold chain with a bold rope of beads.” Keep the blouse colour simple.

Long necklaces are a trendy choice for women who want to avoid scarves but still wish to adorn their neck. Long necklaces’ length extends past the traditional collarbone point, stopping at the chest or belly button.

Turtlenecks work with a variety of long necklace styles. All black turtlenecks look chic with a long string of pearls or a long gold necklace. You could even wear vibrant colours like red, yellow or green. Red or black pearls evoke a mod look when paired with a white turtleneck.

Fitted Sweaters
Fitted sweaters and long necklaces are quite fashionable. Long-sleeve or short-sleeve sweaters work with these necklaces. For pizazz, wear a long chain slung across the body, in the style of a messenger bag. You can also try a bolder necklace if the sweater’s color is complementary. Bulky or thin sweaters work well. Flattering fitted sweater lengths reach the hips and thighs.

Cowl Neck
Cowl neck shirts afford the wearer style and versatility. Long necklaces can also be worn under the shirt or around the perimeter of the cowl. However, with a cowl neck you don’t want a necklace that’s too large.

Details are everything. Even the smallest detail, like a diamond stud, could be the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. There are three main types of earrings that are popular for women in fashion—hoops, drop earrings and studs.

Hoop earrings should be worn with casual wear, though you can feel free to wear small hoops (the width of a finger) with formal outfits—especially when the hoops are diamond- or rhinestone-studded. Drop earrings are generally extravagant or artistic. They are meant to be admired and commented upon. Put on a pair of drop earrings when you have a special occasion—an event where you will surely be “seen.” Most styles of drop earrings go nicely with formal gowns (you see these frequently at red carpet events), dressy pant suits and jeans, when you are wearing a head-turning blouse. Diamond or other gem studs are best for casual, everyday outfits.

Less is More (unlikely!)

Some say do not overdo your jewellery when accessorizing. Depending on the styles you choose, there are situations where just one interesting piece of jewellery, like a colourful rhinestone bracelet, or a pair of chandelier earrings, will be enough for the whole outfit. Old news!! girls layer and be bold, its about you and how you feel, Don’t be timid. Remember More is More!!!! Don’t leave it to there imagination, there are plenty of wall flowers that will do that job!

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